Depfile Premium Account Prices:


Depfile is secure file storage where you can upload, backup, store and share your files with your friends and family, but also you can share it with the whole web, and you can download files from other users. The free subscription service to death file works fine for somebody that only has the occasional picture, and video, or document to upload and make sure that it is saved. It works fine if you are a smaller user who will not be uploading much and you have the time to wait a few minutes for a picture to get into the system. For most users, however, it would be a lot more beneficial to pay the small fee and have numerous amounts of additional benefits. You may wonder what the benefits would be to paying for storage as opposed to using a free service.

What do you get with Depfile Premium Account?

Premium vs Free Account

  • Unlimited data
  • Higher bandwidth speeds
  • Watch your movies and videos much faster.
  • No waiting time to stream.
  • No advertising.
  • Low yearly rates if you purchase in advance as well as regular monthly plans that do not involve a commitment.
  • Multiple secure methods of payment.

What is in the Cloud that I Didn’t Know About?
The Cloud and apps these days go hand in hand. When you take a picture on your phone, either Microsoft or Google already has a copy on their cloud storage. You can delete it, but it is still on the internet. You need to check your settings carefully to see if you have it set to the public or private viewing of every picture that you take. As soon as you signed up for an email, you may have begun sending your files unknowingly. It can be turned off, but you need to know how to get into settings and change them. Private Storage is secure and private. If you want to prevent your private photos from being on the web as well as your documents, Depfile is the way to go. It is incredibly easy to use. You click on browse and upload and within seconds it is on the internet. Some of the features of the Free Account vs. Depfile Premium Account.

Free account:

  • 50/KBS download
  • 1 parallel download
  • 20 GB storage

Depfile Premium Account:

  • 100mb/s
  • Immediate download
  • Copying files, file recovery
  • Download acceleration, parallel download ability
  • 10 TB storage which is basically unlimited.
  • FTP Torrent and URL download

Now that you are Cloud Competent Get Reliable Storage
Now that the cloud has been broken down in a way that is easier to understand, you may be curious to try out Depfile Premium Account. It is very easy to create a username and password. You can just click on your Facebook page with a link in the corner of Depfile, and you can log in that way. You can also make a username and password if you do not like to connect Facebook to anything or do not have it. Visit for information on both their free storage service and their paid subscription service.

Is it Secure?
You want to use a reputable cloud storage service that will keep your files and personal information safe. You want one that cares first and foremost about treating your data as if it was their own. A personal service like Depfile that you are paying for space as opposed to using what the big storage servers like Apple and Google use, space that is rented out in blocks but is owned by one leading company. This service makes it possible for your information to get accidentally broken into or hacked much easier. This cloud storage gives you completely secure and safe file storage with no worries that anybody will ever be able to access any of your personal information but you. It is password protected, and your credit card information, as well as other forms of payment, is always encrypted.

When is it Considered Cloud Computing?
For something to be entirely cloud computed, it doesn’t need to be Network Attached Service which is an inside network. If however some of the overall information is on the internet as well, then it can be considered cloud storage. There is an input-output function as well that communicates with the in-house storage to the rest of the Internet as a read and write function involved on an API server.

Can you store things at home and also on the Cloud?
When you store things at home, it is called local storage. Things are fast and easy to access on a local network. When you go through an extensive storage system that is free and rented out to millions of people, it takes a time to transmit the information back. Some Cloud storage systems are just as fast. However, this cloud storage has a 100mb/s rate of uploading, so it is possible to use it and go as fast as local storage. For 19.99$ a month, $29.99 for 2 months and $129.99 a year, you would get storage for around the same price that you can access anywhere at any time. You can always access everything you want, everywhere using a subscription service. Be careful of who you choose and get the most secure of servers.

Where Did the Name the Cloud Come From?
The Cloud got the nickname from old charts that showed the internet as a bunch of passages that interconnected back to a cloud. It is an image that was found to make sense to most people in terms of understanding the breezing about aimlessly on a cloud passing information as it floats about distributing it back. Each cloud represents a different data connection, and it is bumping into each other on various clouds.

If you need more information about and Premium service, please read TOS.